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Cancer will have no place to hide

Affinity BIO is revolutionizing the field of immuno-oncology by enabling antibody-based therapies to attack targets that are inside cells. Affinity’s protein-display system can discover antibodies against difficult to hit targets such as peptide-MHC complexes, which act as a window into the interior of cells. This ability increases the number of addressable cancer or viral targets by a factor of ten. Based on human germline sequences, discovered antibodies can be formatted to fit any purpose including targeting CAR-T cells, antibody-drug conjugates, bispecifics or traditional antibodies.

Affinity’s discovery platform can generate high affinity (pM) and highly selective scFv (antibody fragments) in a matter of days, allowing for rapid evaluation and optimization of product candidates. Affinity is seeking partnerships to fully exploit the potential of its technology whilst also building an in-house portfolio of products.